Fitdigits is the Most Accurate, Structured and Specific Tool to Conduct a Spinning Class

User testimonial by Gregg Johnson, JGSI Certified Level 2 Spinning Instructor

Using Fitdigits with sensors is the best investment I ever made for monitoring my fitness. Fitdigits provides more information than any other smart phone cycling app on the market today. Not only does it monitor heart rate, calories burned, time, distance and speed, it also calculates percentage of time spent in target zones as raw numbers as well as in a pie chart. Fitdigits also allows you to view target zone, speed and elevation in real time via x/y line charts, as well as Google mapping your ride with the ability to send the data to Facebook, Twitter and email.

Gregg Johnson

As a JGSI Certified Level 2 Spinning Instructor, target zones are very important to me because it allows me to gauge the progression of the class. With Fitdigits, I can plan intelligent profiles for my classes based on knowledge based information. The really sweet addition to the Fitdigits app is that it syncs music from my iTunes library with my target zones to create structured workouts. Fitdigits can automatically create a workout based on an existing playlist or song by song. The integration is flawless and during the workout session, I can view in my heart zone on the graph in real time and see which zone is coming up. Using sound (music) and visual (Fitdigits graphs) is the most accurate, structured and specific way to conduct a Spinning class.

Another aspect of the Fitdigits app that I like is that I can use it with my road bike and on indoor stationary fitness equipment like the treadmill or elliptical machine. Before purchasing Fitdigits I was only able to monitor my outdoor sessions speed, time, and distance without the ability to track my heart rate or heart rate zones properly. Calories burned are guesswork if resting heart rate, age, sex, and weight and target zone information is not available. Fitdigits allows the input of all of these parameters. I purchased my sensors with the intention to track HR on my road bike and on the treadmill but my previous iPhone app did not allow me to bypass the GPS setting which unnecessarily reduces the battery life in a cell phone. Fitdigits allows me to bypass GPS/Location settings without turning them off in the settings application. I’m still exploring the intricacies of Fitdigits app. My next purchase will be the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor which syncs with the Fitdigits app so that I can monitor my blood pressure on my iPhone. What can I say, I love my Fitdigits app!

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