Fitdigits Helped Me Lose 44 Pounds by Walt R.

Testimonial from Fitdigits User – Walt R.

Let me start out my saying that I have battled a weight issue for many years, after trying many diets and national weight loss programs. I came across a Chiropractic Clinic near my home that advertised a “Mind, Body, and Soul” approach to health and wellness. I called and set up an appointment for an evaluation with the Nutritionist Diane to learn more about their program. Diane went very carefully through the 12 week program and explained that by changing my eating habits and exercising I would lose weight and regain a healthier lifestyle. Well as anyone knows who has attempted to lose weight I had heard it all before.

Something about this approach seemed very different now that I had a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer for $5.00 per day; about the cost of a fancy coffee at Starbucks. I started the program on April 7th and have lost over 45 lbs., an average of about 3 pounds per week.

Two weeks into the nutritional phase I was introduced to Laurie the fitness trainer; She did a V02 stress test on me to calculate my present fitness level and weighed me and discussed how to approach my weight issues.

Laurie suggested I get a heart rate monitor belt that would sync to my iPhone with a fitness program called Fitdigits. Without a doubt this is the greatest program I have ever experienced; my daily workouts are sent via e-mail every day so I get my workouts in at my convenience while reporting my progress back to my trainer who monitors my progress each day. The program is very flexible; it also allows you to customize your workouts if you’re not working with a fitness expert and will provide information on actual and predicted calories burned.

Fitdigits has been the major factor in my success, as I get ready to start my second 12 weeks I will be relying on Fitdigits to keep me on track.

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