Export your Activities to CSV, TCX or GPX

If you are using Garmin Connect, other popular upload sites, or just want to view your results on your personal computer, you can now export your Fitdigits workout results as a .csv, .tcx or .gpx file. Follow the sharing instructions below to receive all file formats.


To email yourself a .csv, .tcx, .gpx file:

1. Make sure you perform a Sync to the cloud (You must sync to share workouts)
2. Go to the Results page and choose the workout you wish to send as a .csv, .tcx or .gpx file
3. When viewing the details, tap “Share” in the upper right of the screen
4. Tap Email .csv, .tcx, .gpx (note: if you don’t see Email as an option, you may need to tap “Add Share Partner” and enable that share option)
5. You should receive a confirmation stating your workout was sent to your email


You will now receive an email with three options (check your junk or spam filter if you don’t receive one shortly). You can:
1. Download the workout data as a .csv file
2. Download the workout as a .gpx
3. Download the workout as a .tcx

Now you have your workout data in your computer, ready to be manipulated in any way that you see fit or to be uploaded to your favorite tracking website, such as Garmin Connect.



The web gives you a little more flexibility because in addition to individual workout exports, it will also export summary data of multiple workouts from the Workouts listing page.

Exporting Multiple Workouts data in Summary 

  1. Login to my.fitdigits.com and navigate to the Activities page
  2. Select the date range for all the workouts you would like to export / analyze
  3. Click the Export icon at the bottom of the list
  4. The CSV will be downloaded to your computer


Exporting a Workout – Detail

  1. Login to my.fitdigits.com
  2. Navigate to the details page for the workout to export
  3. Above the graph, click the Export icon – a sub-list will show
  4. Click the type of export you would like
  5. You will be redirected to the Import/Export page to download your file there

export-run import-export-workouts


Export to a PDF on the Web

We don’t offer a native way to export to PDF, however simply printing to / saving as a PDF file from most systems right-click functionality or a browsers File > Print functionality should work just fine. See here for a quick overview in sharing to other sites or as a PDF.


Add Title and Comments to Your Workout Results

Make your workout your own by adding a title, comments, overall rating, intensity, mood, weather and tags.

Adding workout title and notes can be very helpful if you plan to review or use your results data in the future. Notes are particularly useful if you are working towards a goal, made a change in your normal workout routine or simply want to identify something of interest in your exercise or route.

Title your workout based on route or exercise, and your title will become a key identifier for your workout. Fitdigits also enables you to identify weather, perceived intensity, mood and overall rating to your workout results.

Customizing your workout with a title, notes and more is easy and hassle free. Please read on to see how to add notes on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android, and online on My Fitdigits.



Go to the Notes page to customize your workout

  1. From your workout results screen, choose the desired workout then Swipe to your “Notes” Screen.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap Workout / Route to add a title.
  4. Tap comments field to add notes.
  5. Tap Stars to set the overall workout rating.
  6. Tap Easy, Moderate, Medium, Hard or Intense to set the workout intensity.
  7. Tap Emoticon to set your mood about the exercise.
  8. Tap Weather icon to identify the weather.
  9. Tap Done when finished.


  1. From your workout results screen, select the workout you wish to edit
  2. Swipe over to your “Notes” Screen
  3. Tap “Edit”
  4. Tap Stars to set the overall workout rating.
  5. Tap Easy, Moderate, Medium, Hard or Intense to set the workout intensity.
  6. Tap Emoticon to set your mood about the exercise.
  7. Tap Weather icon to identify the weather.
  8. Tap Save when finished.


On My.Fitdigits.com

  1. Login with your Fitdigits account username and password
  2. Select the workout which you want to edit (either from the main Dashboard or Go to Workouts -> Workout Listing)
  3. Click Details
  4. Click on the Title of the workout, the Workout icon type, Duration, or Calories to add or edit your information.
  5. To edit weather, mood, intensity, or workout rating, click the respective icons in the top right corner of the workout beneath the date.
  6. Tap Save when finished

These notes will sync with your My Fitdigits account and are viewable and editable on other devices linked to your Fitdigits account.