Record a Treadmill or Elliptical Workout With Fitdigits

Sometimes, the weather does not cooperate and you cannot workout outdoors, or maybe you just prefer the gym. If that is the case, use Fitdigits to track your treadmill or elliptical workouts. Even if you do not have a Footpod, you can still record your distance.

First, go to Settings -> My Sensors. Next, choose either a run workout or an Other Workout labeled either Treadmill or Elliptical. Record your workout, and when you are finished, go to the notes page. Tap the MORE button at the bottom, where you can add your distance, modify calories, or even edit times.



You can also log on to and manually enter in the distance you ran on the treadmill, which you can view on the notes page. After you do so, next time you sync the iPhone app, your distance and pace will show up in the app.

I lost 17 pounds with Fitdigits by Bruce J.

Testimonial from Fitdigits User – Bruce J.

I have been using Fitdigits with a Garmin heart rate monitor on my iPhone for about 6 months now. I’ve lost about 17lbs and I owe it to how Fitdigits guides me thru my workouts.

I am a 53 year old father of three. I’m in fairly good shape, no credit to trying… Before the beginning of this year I hadn’t exercised for a very long time, in fact I was about 17 lbs from where I should have been.

At the beginning of the year I joined a gym near work and tried a spin class. It seemed real hard so I dragged out an old heart monitor and watch. I found I was approaching my maximum heart rate so I figured I needed to temper it a bit, so I didn’t have a heart attack during class.

I thought it would be real cool if I could chart my heart rate during the workouts and see exactly what my heart was doing. So after I did my research I got the Fitdigits app with a Garmin heart rate strap. That in itself helped me to see exactly what my heart was doing while I was working out. After a while I was starting to get into better shape and felt disappointed that I was not losing any weight no matter how hard I was working out.

With the aid of Fitdigits I realized I was working out too intensely so during my days off I started riding a stationary bike I had at home but kept my heart rate in Zone 2: Fitness (Fat Burn) on the Fitdigits. When my heart rate started to go up I eased off a bit and when my heart rate started to drop too far I peddled harder. My workout time flew by and the lbs just started melting away.

I’m now almost to the weight I was when I got married over 25 years ago. In addition to the weight I’m almost at 2 belt notches on my waist, so it’s visible. Not only have I not changed my diet very much, but I don’t seem to be rebounding weight wise when I miss a class or two. It’s now looking like I might need new clothes, not a bad price to pay.

I’m now building a road bike and will be getting the speed and cadence sensor to use with my Fitdigits app. I’m looking to make this a lifestyle change and now only workout with my Fitdigits.