Groups: Creating your Group & Managing Users

When you are a Fitdigits Star Member you get to create your own group and group page! Have fun with your friends and family, share activities, create leaderboards, and more.

Creating a Group

1.  Upgrade to a Star Membership with Fitdigits.
2. Login to, tap Groups
3. In the upper left of the page, see the text “you have X group credits”
4. Select “Start a Group”
5. Enter your Group name, password, and description. You can also add a group photo, as well as a custom Fitdigits URL to make your group easier to find to new members
6. Tap Save

Editing Group Info

You can edit your group information any time from the Member Admin page. Simply click on the name of the group to see current group info, change the group password, etc. See below on Managing Users for more.

Managing Users

Users can be invited, added, deleted, and assigned roles from the same group admin page. You can assign the role of user or admin. There can only be one owner for a group. The group owner can’t be deleted until the role has been assigned to another member in the group.

Inviting Users to your Group

1. Go to Groups > Admin
2. Select your group (if you have more than one group)
3. Select Invite users – be sure to include commas between email addresses

Each group can only have a maximum of 10 users. If you want more than 10 users, you need to create a second group with an additional group credit. Invited members should receive an email containing the Group name and password

Users may also request to join a group.  To do this:

1. Go to Groups > Join Group
2. Enter in the group name and password (note that these are case sensitive)

Member Roles

Each Group is structured to have one group Owner and one (or more) administrators (admin). The group is good for up to 10 total members. The Owner of the group has permission to add and delete users as well as assign group roles, while Admins have the same permission, except they cannot make anyone an Owner as there is only one Owner per group.

Member Privacy & Sharing Permissions

Each member has the ability to specify what they want to share with a group. This will affect the view of things like group feed, roster, leaderboard stats and more. Members can view or change their settings at any time from the group view, tapping the menu icon and My Group Sharing Permissions in the main menu.

Member permissions

Managing the Group Page

Once a group has been created, it gets a group page dedicated to it for the members to visit. As the owner or administrator of the group, you can customize the page and what is viewed in a variety of ways. See the next section on managing the group page.

Managing your Fitdigits Group Page