Fitdigits Default Maximum Heart Rate and Heart Rate Zones

Since we first started tracking heart rate on the iPhone back in 2010 (anyone remember the iPhone 2?), we’ve used the same default heart rate zones and calculations for maximum heart rates as our defaults – 220-Age was the maximum heart rate for anyone, and zones were cut up 10% per zone – period – … Read more

Teams and Trainers

Which team or group type is right for you – an inclusive, open Team page, or a Trainer (beta) portal? When you sign up to be a Star Trainer, you have your choice! Open Team Group Open Teams are inclusive, and members have the ability to interact with each other within the group. A dedicated … Read more

Team Member Signup

Once you’ve got your team set, the next step is adding team members or trainees. Initially it will just be you in your group. There are two ways users get added to your team. You can send them a stock invite email, or you can let them know in some other way the team name … Read more

Auditing Team Members

View and work with your Trainees / Team details. Requirements to Audit a member: User must have given permission for Coaches View Auditor must have Auditing / Coaching permissions From the user, they would either grant the permission when signing up, or they can modify it in Group Menu > Group Permission Settings Once permissions … Read more

Team Messaging and Communications

There are a variety of settings and methods for Individual and Team based notifications and messaging. Group Admin View: From here you can send Group Invites, or even a push message to your entire team or a specific user, which will create an Inbox item for them in addition to the notification. You can also … Read more

Managing The Team Page

Designing and modifying your open Team view for your members. Add a custom leaderboard, group workout feed, roster, custom blog section and more to your groups page. Personalized widgets, additional messaging, graphics and more help complete the experience for you and your team. Once your team is created, a default groups page exists for your group. The default … Read more

Advanced Voice Types

iOS: Selecting the Best Voice for your Training Personally, my very favorite new feature in the iOS apps is our new coaching voices, and it takes just a minute to make it great! Trust me on this one, it is worth the update. Everyone can use Advanced Voice. I just love Ava’s Enhanced voice, though … Read more