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A note from the President




Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting us, reading this and especially for caring. As you may have seen from the Fitdigits website, our beloved iCardio, iRunner and iBiker have been licensed to us here at Fitdigits, a new company set up specifically to produce these programs and take them to the next level.

As a technology and fitness fanatic, and a member of the original Fitdigits apps team, I am thrilled to be helping this next evolution. My goal is to share my love and enjoyment of an active lifestyle and the self-awareness gained by measurement and analysis. I’ll be honest… I hope we, together, can change the world by helping people develop healthy habits. And that is key – it is about We, not about Me. We need you to help us make this great!

Most of you, our dedicated supporters, are wondering what to expect now. Well, you can expect a team of dedicated individuals will be totally focused on producing the best cardio heart rate training and tracking apps in the world. We will be working to layer in daily activity and health tracking and reporting, to help you have an incredible experience on your journey to your best you. We hope to bring a level of awareness about you, your body and your health, that you didn’t have before.

From a more practical standpoint, you can expect, as we get this ball rolling, more frequent releases, expanded and enhanced integration of partners, improved data displays, and a more consistent user experience across platforms. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see the Fitdigits name in relation to the fitness apps change over to Fitdigits. Over the next couple quarters, we are looking at Garmin Vivofit integration and overall Steps / Daily Activity integration from Google Fit and Apple Health, bringing Android feature sets up to par with the iOS apps, and our first foray into the watch modality with an Apple Watch app, just to name a few of our short-term goals.

What we need from you in this transition time, and on our journey together into a healthier and happier life, is patience, understanding, support and participation. What is it that excites you? What is it that makes you happy with the programs, or that can be improved to delight you? Give us your feedback on our Forums or through customer support, we love to hear from you.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us on this path.

In peace and health,

Christopher Means

Fitdigits, Inc.