Exercise, Nutrition and Activity: The Weight Loss Triad

Losing weight is hard. I do not need to throw on a stethoscope and a white lab coat to break that news to you. It takes discipline, motivation, dedication and a game plan.

In order to execute without guessing all over the place, you need to gather information. Armed with the proper weapons in the battle vs. the bulge, you will be able to appropriately plan both how often you workout and what you eat. You might as well call Fitdigits the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden because we are straight dropping knowledge on all you information seekers.

We call it the Weight Loss Triad, formed via the perfect partnership between exercise, nutrition and activity. When properly utilized, you will be able to see the exact deficit between how many calories you eat and burn. For example, one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories, meaning in order to lose an entire pound of fat you will need to burn 3500 more calories than you eat. If you want to burn a lb of fat every two weeks, that means on average you will need a caloric deficit of 250 calories a day. That is where the Triad comes in.


Use Fitdigits to track all of your workouts. If you want the most accurate calorie count, it is essential to use a Heart Rate Monitor along with a Fitdigits Fitness Assessment. Now you will have custom heart rate zones and a Fitness level that will help get incredibly accurate caloric burn during workouts. Fitdigits also will act as the central data collecting hub for Nutrition and Activity Trackers.


Choose from one of the many Fitdigits compatible activity monitors to track your daily activity, so when you walk around the grocery store or do chores around the house, you will get credit for the steps you took and calories burned. Fitdigits is compatible with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Withings and Garmin Vivofit devices, as well as the apps that come with most iOS devices (Apple Health) or Android (Google Fit). You have quite a few options to work with, including those that are free with the phone you bought.

These trackers works great in conjunction with the workout data collected by Fitdigits. Begin by linking your Fitdigits account with your activity monitor. Now all of your Fitdigits and activity monitor calories will be collected in one spot. Don’t worry, you can wear your monitor while also recording with Fitdigits and the calories will not count twice.


The final piece of the equation is tracking nutrition with MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal takes inventory of everything you eat. Enter in your meals using MyFitnessPal’s enormous library of foods, and it will tell you how many calories you ingested. You can also set weight loss goals so that MyFitnessPal will instruct you on how many calories you can eat based on how much you are working out. If you already have linked Fitdigits to your activity tracker, then all you need to do is link your activity tracker account with MyFitnessPal.

We have found that linking Fitdigits with activity tracker, then the activity tracker with MyFitnessPal is the best way to link the three partners. If you try to link them a different way, problems will occur. For more details, read our blog post on Linking MyFitnessPal and Fitdigits.

With these three tools you are in the drivers seat when it comes to weight loss. All you need to do is turn the key, shift into drive and get started!

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19 thoughts on “Exercise, Nutrition and Activity: The Weight Loss Triad”

    • OK, since you've already successfully used all 3, I applaud your patience. I tried to figure out calorie intake on myfitnesspal , and it was a pain in the neck. Since we cook at home, and we cook odd foods ( not packaged, not ones with nutritional data), how on earth do you figure out your calories, like as in gormeh sabzi?

    • You create a recipe with all the ingredients and the number of serves. You do this once and use it over and over again. Best to do it through their web site though. I have been using MFP for nearly two years, every day. I had to initially add a few recipes, but I can't remember the last time I added one. Plus over time you can pretty much guess the calories in most food. Also now you can find lost of Persian food. For "gormeh sabzi", spell it as ghormeh sabzi 😉 or just search for sabzi.

      BTW, I last 12kg in the first 3 months I started using MFP, and I have keep it all off. I use FitBit so I don't have to enter my exercises in to MFP.

  1. That is my combination, but you have to be careful on the linking between these systems. If you have too many links, then MyFitnessPal is telling you that your workouts are burning a great deal of calories. I had to break the link between FitBit and Digifit. I now only link FitBit to MyFitnessPal and Digifit to MyFitnessPal.

  2. how come activities have to be put into MFP… I wish we could just put it into fitbit… that would make more sense since it already has rhe time and calorie burn… its annoying to have to sit and input it.

  3. I have been a myfitness pal user from march of last year, I got a fitbit in May last year for mother's day and now I am linking them with my digifit ( I get to Beta test a work)! so far it is looking good.

  4. I've gotten this setup working, but now I'm trying to integrate the Withings Smart Body Analyzer. I've attempted linking that account to my myFitnessPal account, but I'm wondering if there is a way to get my weight to synchronize across all the platforms so I can ensure my stats come out accurately.

  5. I wasn't able to get my weight pushed to each of the 3 above systems without linking my Withings account with each of the 3 systems. Since I've tried that, I haven't noticed any negative consequences.

  6. just joined Digifit and have been a long time user of MFP. I have linked these two apps numerous times, with NO success!!! How is it that I cannot see the workouts/calorie burn on MFP?

  7. I've been using digifit for about a year now. I had NO Clue it was compatible with Fitbit! I'm patiently waiting for charge HR (plum) to come out. I've been using polar H7. I'm also connected to loseit

  8. I use Digifit with Rhythm+ and I also have the Charge HR. The charge hr will not pair with any other app except the fitbit app. And I'm wondering now if I made a good buy…. Just finished a 7.5 mile walk/jog. Digifit paired to my Scorsche Rhythm+ gave me a 1,327 calorie burn. Fitbit Charge HR gave me 930 calorie burn. At this point I'm lost in the sea of this app vs that app…. And like one app but it doesn't work with that other app I like lol. Basically I really like both digifit and Fitbit. And after getting my Charge HR and learning how cycling really isn't in the Fitbit vocabulary, I kept digifit because it's really the only decent "other" fitness app that Fitbit KIND OF plays decent with. Anyways two good products but don't know why the big calorie difference with this last little workout…

  9. I don’t just like the phrase weight loss plan. For most it suggests doing much less of the factor an awful lot of individuals enjoy doing more of—eating. Few people assume eating regimen and think pleased, healthy or rewarding way of life. They generally take into consideration eating less. They assume deprivation. Ache and struggling. However eating proper and dwelling effectively solely require some good selections and constant effort—constant, not fanatical

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