Healthy Employees Are More Productive

Studies show that healthy employees are more productive and better for the bottom line. These are just a few of the reasons why healthy is better.

1. More Focused, Creative and Confident. Fit employees tend to be more focused, creative and confident while cultivating these qualities within teams and colleagues in the workplace. Fit employees are a healthy influence.

2. Improve Productivity. Happy and healthy individuals collectively create a happy and healthy work environment.  Improved communication, teamwork, and overall community promote higher productivity and work synergy.

3. Lower Stress and Depression. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant! It triggers the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as seratonin and dopamine, which help us feel good. Fit employees are happy people.

4. Positive Reinforcement Life is all about trial and error. The workplace is no exception. The path to fitness, similarly, consists of small goals that we achieve, sometimes without realizing it. This could be taking the stairs up to the office floor instead of taking an elevator. Setting and achieving personal and work goals can help employees reach self-actualization, further optimizing individual potential.

5. Boost Immunity, Health and Energy.  Exercise improves homeostasis, which is your body working at optimum function and performance. Additionally, according to the American Diabetes Association, in general, workplace exercise programs improved employees’ fitness, body fat, cholesterol levels and risk for diabetes.

6. Improves Attendance. Healthy employees are sick less often due to stronger immunity against viruses and colds. This means employees take less sicks days off each year.

7. Lower Health Care Costs. Recent studies have linked exercise with combating a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and neurodegeneration (Garcia-Mesa et al., 2011). Healthy employees require less medical attention which in turn saves a company money.

Fitdigits is in the business of improving corporate health, fitness and performance. We build these programs around our award-winning apps and tools with goals, performance metrics and custom challenges. So your employees get fit and stay healthy. If you would like more information about Fitdigits’s corporate wellness program, send us an email

1.Garcia-Mesa, Y et al. “Physical Exercise Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease in 3xTg-AD Mice.” J Alzheimers Dis. 24 (2011): 421-54. Print.


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