iCardio Version Migration

iCardio ♦ iRunner ♦ iBiker Version Migration

App Migration PromptIf you are reading this, my apologies, you most likely saw a screen shot like the one to the right. On the positive side, the app you love is alive and evolving, and all your data is safe and sound.

Some great new features and updates on the new version you may enjoy includes custom countdown timer settings, improved stability, and for certain members, weather / temperature integration and LiveTracking too, just to name a few. It’s worth it!

Base Facts

If you are being prompted to download a new version of the app, please do so, and login with your existing username and password. All your data and purchases will come down, though some custom settings may need to be re-set to match your current defaults.

Download on iTunes:

iCardio  ♦  iRunner  ♦  iBiker

If you have trouble or something doesn’t come down quite right, we are confident your data is safe in the cloud. Please contact us at support and we will do what we can to set things straight for yoApp Migrationu. Once you have things all set and are confident everything is in place, please delete the older (red icon) version of the app.

Why Do You Need to Migrate?

If you have been prompted to download a new version of your app – iCardio, iRunner or iBiker, that means you are on a version of the apps that were created in an attempt to keep the apps alive at a time where the good people at the companies involved either didn’t have the ability, due to technology restrictions and/or trademark reasons, to migrate the apps or names to the Fitdigits portal after Fitdigits acquired the apps, nor could Fitdigits take over the original Apple account.

Things being what they are, duplicated apps had to be created and put in the wild for a while to keep them in the store, alive and available. However, as time passed and technology evolved, things that were at one time impossible (like transferring apps) became possible. In the end, instead of having to migrate the vast majority to a single app, there is only a small percentage that need to migrate. Apple has granted us this build to inform you of the need to migrate in order to keep using the app and your Fitdigits accounts.

On the plus side, as mentioned above, there are some great features available to members and others that aren’t in your current builds! As always, we thank you for joining us on the journey to and through a healthy life. Sorry for the extra hassle. We look forward to being your activity tracking partner for many years to come.