Digifit MVP Program Ends, Fitdigits Star Membership Begins!

Important Note about the MVP Program

Our Dream
We have a dream – to be the best, most informative, easy to use heart rate tracker and trainer in the world, making heart rate tracking easy, informative and fun. To change millions of lives for the better by making them more aware of their body and their health.

I think you appreciate that dream, which is why you originally became a Digifit MVP subscriber so long ago. We are continuing that tradition at Fitdigits now, focusing solely on making your cardio and health tracking the best ever.

The Digifit MVP program was originally designed as a yearly subscription at $49.95 per year. The program was discontinued in 2015. When Fitdigits came onboard, we decided to keep all benefits active until the time we had a new program in place, and your old MVP benefits are still in effect. That said, we are really happy to announce our new subscription offers including the Star Membership going for only $39.99 per year, or the even more affordable Pro Plus at $9.99 per year. MVP benefits will be merged into Star as of September 30th.

To continue your benefits, we hope you join us by signing up for a new Star Membership to replace the expiring MVP program today. You must re-subscribe from an in-app upgrade (Menu > My Upgrades). Learn more

ChrisWe are moving all subscriptions to the respective app stores, iTunes or Google Play, so all subscription management will be handled there. Our apologies for the inconvenience in the short run. We believe this is best for the long run, so we can focus more on what we do best – cardio fitness.

We hope you continue with us on our journey to a healthy heart and body. We promise to do our best to continually evolve the experience and delight you. Thank you so much for your support.


Chris & Team Fitdigits


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