CU Health Plan. Move. Fitbit Linking, FAQs & Troubleshooting

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Linking Fitbit to the Move program:

Please Note: After your first initial linking, or if you haven’t triggered a sync recently, give it a couple minutes to fetch the data from Fitbit, then hit refresh on the web to see the most current data.

Also note we don’t sync with the apps, we sync with the cloud to the Move platform. If you don’t see data on the Move platform after a day or two, check on and make sure the data is in their cloud first before contacting support. 

From the Web

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the Partners option in side navigation (for mobile devices tap the menu icon in the top left)
  3. By Fitbit, Click Unlink Account (if currently linked)
  4. Then click “Link Account”
  5. Make sure you use the PARTNER credentials in the following screen – meaning your Fitbit username and password (You can find your Fitbit username on in the Settings section, upper left)

From the App

  1. Go to Menu  > Partners > Fitbit
  2. Tap “Unlink” (if currently linked)
  3. Go back to Partners > Fitbit and link again

Both Fitbit and Fitdigits put a limit on the number of requests that can be handled per-user for any given time period. Excessive attempts to link / unlink a particular account could result in that account being put on hold for future requests for up a couple hours. If you don’t see data flowing after a waiting a bit, see below for troubleshooting.

Once Fitbit and your account at Move are linked, your activity summary information (including steps, distance, active minutes for devices that support active minutes, and calories) from the Fitbit device will populate the Move. online dashboard. Note Zone Minutes are not yet supported (see below note). It is still your responsibility on a monthly basis to make sure the data is available on the Move website.

Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Features are Not Currently Supported

Sorry – Fitbit did not design their new sensors to broadcast as standard Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors so we are unable to pair to them for workouts.  See our list of compatible heart rate monitors.

Fitbit Data – What Shows in the Move. App vs. the Move. Website

Q: How does the data get me qualified in the Move. program?

We receive steps, distance, and time in a particular activity level from Fitbit on devices that support activity levels. We also get sleep, elevation & floors if the device supports it. We *do not* get self-defined or 3rd party workouts that are imported or entered manually on Fitbit. However, the time in activity levels will most likely mirror any workouts done with the Fitbit on if the steps count support the activity level.

Fitbit data shows under Menu > Daily Activity. You can also see the data and ribbons on days that qualify as active days on Menu > Calendar.

Even when linked to an activity monitor, you can still use the app to record Activities as well. Hitting a daily goal with either the app or Fitbit will count towards the Active Day requirements.

The requirements for the Be Colorado Move program Active day are:

1. 30+ minutes of activity tracked in the Be Colorado. Move. app = 1 Active Day
A. This can be done all at once or a minimum of 10 minutes per tracked activity over multiple times (so one 10.01 minute walk + a 20 minutes walk would count, or three 10+ minute walks, in a given day.
B. Only two manually entered workouts count per month. All others must be tracked with the app or by an activity monitor.


2. Using an Activity Monitor, such as Fitbit, Misfit Shine, Garmin Vivofit, Apple Health or Google Fit
A. Get 10,000 steps in one day
B. Fitbit only – record 30+ minutes in the Very Active or Highly Active minutes sections*

*per the 2015 change (not the newest 2020 change for some models).
See how Fitbit changed their algorithm in 2015 here. Now see how Fitbit in late 2020 has once again changed their recording for only some high end models to an Active Zone Minutes calculation, which are not supported in all devices or supported with the Fitbit API yet so are not able to count towards Move credit. Article 1 / Article 2 / Discussion Board )


Linking Issues

You may want to unlink and re-link, however I would like to point out that we attach to the account at Fitbit, not the actual device itself. So, if you are using the same exact Fitbit account, the data should be flowing in regardless of device.

No Data There at All (and Never has Been)

1. One error you might see is “Insufficient permissions given to retrieve Fitbit data, please re-link your Fitbit account.” If you get that error, it means on the original linking, not enough of the permissions were allowed in order for us to access the profile and/or data.

The solution here is to remove the link from Fitbit side as well as ours. On Fitbit that information is here:

On the Fitdigits side, unlink using the procedures outlined above. Do an unlink / relink, but with all permissions enabled, it should update the data. Please give it a few minutes after re-linking to get all the data from Fitbit.

2. If you don’t see the error on permissions, and are not getting data, it may be an account issue, either on the linking level or a different account connected.

The first thing to do is confirm what email/account your current Fitbit is syncing to – you can find that on – login with your Fitbit credentials, confirm you can see the steps there, then click on the gear at the right and go to Settings. You can see the email in the upper left and Profile section.

Data was Coming Through, but Not Recently

Often this is a timing issue. If you wait a couple minutes, then hit refresh, that might be all it takes.

However, if you have confirmed that it is the exact same account / email at Fitbit you were using (see above) – can you confirm the data has gone from your device to the servers? The flow of data is “Device (> sync to >) Fitbit app (> sync to >) (> sync to > Be Colorado. It has to show up first on (not the app only), then, with a little delay but not too much, show up on Fitdigits. Note that Fitdigits, per the terms with Fitbit, only updates steps / checks for updates in any given day twice in the current day, then trues up the number if necessary the following day(s).

In other words, steps have to get to in order to show on the Be Colorado dashboard, and we have heard of some instances where Fitbit servers are not getting the data even though it looks like the person has synced successfully. To check and make sure has the data:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Log
  3. Click Activities
  4. Click the data range you want steps data for

You definitely want to make sure nothing has changed – no new devices recently, new email, anything like that. If so, an unlink and re-link might clear things up as long as data is showing in the site.

We did run into an issue with a new Fitbit the other day and had to have a Fitbit support rep tell us how to logout / log back into the Fitbit app and re-assign the account to a new device in order to get it to sync the data from the new device from the app to the cloud.

Is There a Recommended Type of Fitbit?

There is no recommended type of fitbit per-se. It really depends on how interested in actual tracking and getting involved with Fitbit you are, what your budget is, and other factors. They are all compatible with Move program and it doesn’t matter which one you use.

If you are still having trouble, please contact Fitdigits support.