CU Health Plan. Move. Earning the Incentive with Active Days

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To earn the monthly activity incentive from the Be Colorado. Move. program, you must be enrolled and active in the Be Colorado. Move. Program. during the incentive earning dates plus any criteria also outlined in the Move Official FAQs. You must also meet the criteria of 12 Active Days (see below and as defined in the FAQs) during the month of the incentive, and have uploaded or confirmed upload of the activities to the Move program site by the 5th of the following month in question.

Checking if you are Enrolled in the Be Colorado. Move. Program:

1. Log into
2. Go to your Profile ( – tap the Menu icon in the top left of the screen, then Partners.
3. At the bottom of the profile info is the Groups section – look for your group there (University of Colorado / University of Colorado Health / University Physicians Inc)

If you see the name you are enrolled. Also, if you click Groups in the navigation and see the logo, you are good. If you see a message that says “You are not currently a member of any group” then you are not currently enrolled.

The requirements for the Move. program Active day

1.  30+ minutes of activity tracked in the Move. app = 1 Active Day
A. This can be done all at once or a minimum of 10 minutes per tracked activity over multiple times (so one 10.01 minute walk + a 20 minutes walk would count, or three 10+ minute walks, in a given day.
B. Only two manually entered workouts count per month. All others must be tracked with the app or by an activity monitor.


2. Using an Activity Monitor or a phone with a supported activity monitor, such as Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, or Garmin
A. Get 10,000 steps in one day
B. Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple Watch only – record 30+ minutes in the Very Active or Highly Active time
( See how Fitbit changed their algorithm in 2015 here. )

Checking on Incentive Progress or If the Incentive was Earned

1. Log into
2. Go to the Calendar page ( )
3. For any given month you select, you will see a yellow ribbon on all qualifying days (you need 12 in a month to qualify), as well as a banner below the month that shows a progress bar – if the progress bar says 100% then you met your qualifying criteria for activity.*

*A caveat here is reports are run on the 5th of each month, so all qualifying activities *must* be posted by then. Also, for full qualifications, see the FAQ for other rules and regulations.

General FAQ’s on the Move. Program


Fitdigits isn’t authorized to speak to payments, only tracking issues. As mentioned previously, payment schedules are shown in the FAQs but generally are paid once every 3 months. In order to qualify you must have met all criteria. For more information on payments you can see the FAQ above or contact Be Colorado at