Enabling Location Services on Your iOS Device

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Fitdigits apps use Location Based Services to map your route and can also be used to track pace, speed and distance for outdoor runs and rides. However, these services are of little use if you have not enabled your app to use Location Services on your iOS device.

When you first installed the app, you should have accepted the permission for the app to use location services. However, sometimes people tap the wrong button, or even later tap a setting by accident.

Please also note that if you are inside or in a remote or urban jungle area, Location Services can be difficult to obtain (between buildings the GPS satellite signals sometimes don’t make it through). Make sure you try getting the signal in an open place.

If the app can not pick up a signal, you can check the settings. Setting up your app to use Location Services is a two step process.

iOS 10 Note

Apple changed Location Services again in iOS 10. It is now in 3 areas of the devices, and ideally should be set to “While in Use“. You can find it now in the main device Settings > Privacy > Location Services > (App Name), as well as the main device Settings (now they list all apps at the bottom, with a full list of services they have permissions for), and of course in the App itself under Sensors (also accessible in Activity settings but that is basically the same place). Please see the video below for details.


Enabling Location Services

1. Tap Settings from your iPhone home screen
2. Tap Privacy > Location Services
3. Locate the app icon > tap While In Use for the app

Now your iPhone will enable Location Services for your app. The next step is making sure that Location Services is turned ON in the app itself:

1. From the app home screen, tap Settings
2. Tap My Sensors
3. Verify that Location is turned ON

If things are still not working, and there is GPS being received on other apps like Google Maps (thus showing there is satellites / location working on the device in the area), one other option is to download one of our other products – click here: iCardio | iRunner iBiker

Login with the same email / account (you can see what email you used in Settings>Profile), and all your information and purchases will sync with the cloud.

It may just get the right permissions or at least start fresh and do the trick.

If that works, you can either continue using that or delete and re-install your original app.