Getting Started – Quickstart Guide to Be Colorado. Move. iOS Apps

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Thank you for your interest in the Be Colorado. Move. health, fitness, and activity tracking app for Apple iPhone and iOS devices. We hope the following short video will help you get up and running (pardon the pun) in no time!



Helpful Tips and How To’s for Using the iOS App

(Note: Be Colorado. Move. and the Fitdigits other apps share a wide variety of functionality and options you can set for your activities. The links below should be very similar, with the biggest difference typically being when a website is referenced, Be Colorado. Move. users will want to substitute for

After the basics, you might want to take a deeper dive into the app settings, where you can set options by Activity Type, including  Audio and Voice Feedback, Laps, Dashboards, your Chart and Map Metrics, Heart Rate Zones and Pace Zones. You can also learn more about overall App Settings like Zone Alerts and Prompts, customizing your home screen, customizing heart rate zones, or Auto Pause, or managing Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) and other sensors.

You can also learn more about managing your activities and history by editing workouts, deleting workouts, change a workout type after a workout was recorded, entering a manual workout, or customizing your own Other workout type.